3,500 cubic meters more space for our team

What to do when you run out of space? For some time now, it has sometimes taken creativity to accommodate an additional workstation in our office. In recent months, when we consider creating a new job, the discussion often ends with the question: "And where should she or he sit?"
To finally create more space for our growing team, we decided to expand our company headquarters in Ziefen at the beginning of the year.

New building DEVO-Tech Ziefen


"A new building like this also represents a new era for DEVO-Tech." Owner and Managing Director Paul Vögtli is delighted with the project, which has a construction volume of 3,500 cubic meters. "The expansion will allow us to grow and take on new challenges." Even if such a construction project is always a bit of an adventure, the atmosphere at the ground-breaking ceremony on July 1, 2024 was very exuberant. With blue skies and sunshine, the idea of the planned roof terrace as a lounge area is already becoming very concrete. Long-serving employees remember the conversion and renovation of Hall 2 in 2015 and the extension to Hall 1 two years later. Ascanio Luongo, Head of Apparatus Engineering and member of the Executive Board, is also positive about the future: "We are constantly doing something. This shows that we are on the right track."

Efficient work and growth

Ideas need space. You probably know this from yourself: A spacious and well-designed workplace promotes creativity and innovation. Sufficient space is also important for holding meetings easily, working together on projects and improving communication within the team. With the planned 450 m² of new office space, including a new reception area, we want to offer our designers, sales engineers and all those who give their best every day the space they need.

We are also pleased that there are no longer any limits to our growth for the time being - at least not in terms of space. "If every square meter doesn't count, we can take on more trainees and create more jobs, including for part-time employees," explains Paul Vögtli, who is the main person responsible for the building. "It's important to me that everyone feels comfortable here."

Showroom for our vacuum lifting devices

"And what does the device look like when it's finished?" We often hear this question from our customers. Especially if it is a specially configured custom-made product. Even if we can show realistic animations and lots of images, it is still different to see such a device "live".

To save our customers the time-consuming visit to a construction site for this experience, we are setting up a showroom for vacuum devices in our new building, alongside the additional workshop space on the first floor. "This offers not only our customers, but also new employees, trainees or interns the opportunity to gain a better understanding of DEVO-Tech's wide range of products," explains Tanja Klaiber, who is responsible for application management and welcoming guests.  

Energy? Renewable, of course.

Thanks to the cooperation with our partner SV-Solar, we have already installed an impressive self-consumption system with a total output of 122 kW on the existing buildings. So it makes sense to continue this positive trend towards climate neutrality in the new building: A solar system with a proud 108 square meters of solar surface is planned.

We are also relying on a renewable resource for heating: a modern wood chip heating system will keep us warm in our new building in winter. These three arguments, among others, convinced us to make this decision:

  • Wood chips are a renewable energy source. They often come from waste wood from wood processing or from thinning measures in sustainably managed forests.

  • Sustainable forestry, which is necessary for woodchip production, maintains forests and promotes their biodiversity.

  • Modern wood chip heating systems have sophisticated filter systems that minimize the emission of fine dust and other pollutants.

Regardless of which motive for construction is at the forefront of our employees' minds: We are all delighted and can hardly wait to see the 12 meter high, 32 meter long and nine meter deep building completed and ready to move into.