Mold construction


We plan and manufacture formwork and molds for you in a wide variety of dimensions and for diverse areas of application. High precision - from the drawing to the finished part - is our priority.

Short communication channels and close customer contact also make flexible and rapid product optimization a matter of course.

We present two important areas of application here:

Angled elements for platforms

When it comes to planning platform systems, there are many aspects to consider: the geographical environment, the volume of traffic, the technical requirements of the means of rail transportation and, last but not least, the needs of the passengers.

Even though many platform systems are built using conventional construction methods, complete prefabricated platform systems made of reinforced concrete components are used for selected areas of application. These score points with short construction times and can be dismantled at low cost.

However, this only works if the formwork for the prefabricated parts enables the reliable production of dimensionally accurate elements. This is where our know-how and experience come into play: We set standards with our sophisticated production technology, our broad-based team and our extensive machinery.


Drainage shafts

Drainage shafts must above all be durable. To achieve this, there are a few things to consider in addition to the choice of material. The design determines the size, shape, inclination and inlet openings. The design also takes into account the loads to which the shaft is exposed. When it comes to production, we at DEVO-Tech AG score points above all with the high quality of our welded seams to prevent leaks. Specific surface treatments help to further improve the corrosion resistance of the steel.

"Our vertical integration allows us to carry out extensive tests and checks to ensure consistently high quality."

Ascanio Luongo, Mold construction