Handling of angle plates for road construction or horticulture

The project

Retaining walls made of angle slabs are an efficient solution for vertical slope stabilization. Our customer, CREABETON AG, offers a wide range of modules for road and garden construction. Even load cases with high requirements can be covered. The dimensions and wall thicknesses of this angle plate are designed for areas that could not previously be realized with standard products.
In order to produce these high-quality concrete products, our customer needs reliable handling equipment.

Reliable handling

We supplied our customer with a special version of our D-TVR180-e vacuum turning device with an electric rotary drive and a payload of 1,000 kg, 1,400 kg and 1,700 kg for the production of angle slabs at the Brugg, AG, Einigen, BE and Ganges, FR sites. The vacuum lifting device is equipped with a vertically arranged suction plate holder. This means that the aluminum suction plate can be converted in just a few minutes. 



Our customer particularly appreciates the versatility of the vacuum lifting device. A special feature is its flexibility thanks to different suction plate variations. These can be converted in just a few minutes to accommodate the variety of elements. This allows the operator to achieve precise and flexible positioning of the element and at the same time meet changing requirements. In addition, the device has brought economic benefits by precisely meeting requirements.


The efficient cooperation between Devo-Tech AG and CREABETON AG has developed very positively. We are very pleased that DEVO-Tech equipment is now being used at all CREABETON AG sites. Our concept of a complete solution has proved its worth. 

Scope of delivery

  • Basic unit type D-TVR180-e
  • Suction plate set according to the angle plate range (list of requirements)


"I can recommend DEVO-Tech AG without reservation. The quality of your products and services, especially the vacuum lifting device, is outstanding and your team has proven to be a reliable partner and supplier of complete solutions. The cooperation with you was extremely efficient and problem-free."

Markus Stauffer, Creabeton AG