Rail construction on the line between Pfäffikon and Arth-Goldau


Sersa Group AG needed a reliable and efficient machine for night-time rail construction on the line between Pfäffikon and Arth-Goldau, which was to be used primarily for laying concrete cable ducts. This work had previously been carried out manually. Efficiency and safety were at the top of the list of requirements.

The solution

With our new D-T-5000-HD vacuum lifting device, Sersa Group AG was able to meet these requirements perfectly. The device has a vacuum traverse and hydraulically movable suction plates, which can be controlled individually. The integrated Oilquick coupling enables efficient quick coupling to the excavator on site. Another special feature of this device is the combination of hydraulic and power connection via the excavator.

We are proud that Sersa Group AG has successfully completed the rail construction work on the line between Pfäffikon and Arth-Goldau using our innovative technology.


  • Concrete cable ducts can be installed efficiently.
  • Safety at the workplace is increased.
  • The combination of vacuum traverse and hydraulically movable suction plates allows precise handling of materials.
  • The Oilquick coupling makes it possible to connect the device to the excavator quickly and easily, which further optimizes work processes.

Scope of delivery

  •  D-T-5000-HD

"Our D-T-5000-HD vacuum lifting device is an example of our use of state-of-the-art technologies and our continuous efforts to support rail construction and other industrial sectors with innovative solutions. We would like to thank Sersa Group AG for their trust in our products and look forward to continuing to successfully implement projects together in the future and further drive efficiency in the construction industry."

Nathanael Wyss, Head of Planning Projects