Koralmtunnel KAT3

The project

The construction of the Koralm Railway in Austria will cut the journey time from Klagenfurt to Graz by two thirds, from three hours to just one hour. With a total length of 130 kilometers, the Koralm Railway is a key section of the trans-European rail link (Baltic-Adriatic axis) from Gdansk in Poland to Venice on the Mediterranean. The heart of this railroad line is the 32.9-kilometre-long Koralm Tunnel, which was built in the three lots KAT1, KAT2 and KAT3. Lot KAT3 of the 32 km long railroad tunnel between Graz and Klagenfurt includes a 10,474 m long section, which has been excavated mechanically and lined with concrete segments.

The segment factory

In a 4,530 m² factory in St. Paul im Lavanttal, the PTS KAT3 consortium produced an average of 100 concrete segments per day on a Herrenknecht Formwork carousel system. The production of over 42,000 segments was successfully completed in December 2019. In addition to an optimally coordinated interplay between the formwork technology, concrete mix and feed including compaction system, our handling equipment was a key factor in the smooth production of the segments.

Our services

Our proven solution, the DEVO vacuum lifter, enables stripping, transporting and stacking with high efficiency. The number and shape of the suction plates can be individually adapted to your requirements and areas of application. Intelligent vacuum monitoring and the optional integration of two suction circuits significantly increase the safety and versatility of the DVL.

The basic versions of the DVL series are mainly used for lifting segments. In combination with a crane unit, they enable both translational linear transportation in a horizontal and vertical direction. The DVL series is primarily used for simple transportation requirements in segment production and for general segment handling. It is available in both the external suction (extrados) and internal suction (intrados) versions.

The DEVO vacuum lifter enables uncomplicated suction and lifting of a segment. The type and number of suction plates are variable and can be adapted to individual project requirements and areas of application. For increased safety regulations or to safeguard against possible interruptions to the power supply, the basic configuration can be supplemented with a mechanical clamp for additional securing of the concrete segment if required. In addition, the suspension of the DEVO vacuum lifter can be optionally equipped with a rotation option around the vertical axis.

Scope of delivery

  • Vacuum lifting device DVL-14.0T-EXT-90
  • Vacuum lifting device DVL-8.0T-EXT
  • Mobile turning table DTT-14.0T-90-M
  • Press frame DPR-8.0T

Source: herrenknecht-formwork.com