Comprehensive repair of the Kerenzerberg tunnel

The project

For over three decades, the A3 highway section near the Kerenzerberg tunnel has been a central part of the road network. In order to ensure road safety for the coming years and enable long-term operation, the Federal Roads Office FEDRO has commissioned extensive repairs to the tunnel section between the Weesen and Murg junctions. Work began in 2019 and should be completed by 2026. The project includes a 5,250m-long safety tunnel, which will be excavated with a hard rock double-shield TBM and lined with steel fiber segments.

The segment factory

Katzenberger GmbH from Wiesing in Tyrol is producing and supplying 3,030 segment rings and 18,181 segment blocks for the fifth longest tunnel in Switzerland.  The Austrian precast concrete plant relies on formwork from Herrenknecht AG and proven handling equipment from DEVO-Tech.

Our services

Our handling equipment plays a decisive role in the segment production process. By using innovative machines and equipment, we enable the efficient and precise production of segments that meet the high requirements of the Kerenzerberg Tunnel. Our solutions help to guarantee the quality and safety of the segments and thus ensure the tunnel's traffic safety for years to come.

The comprehensive repair of the Kerenzerberg tunnel is of great importance to ensure a safe and smooth flow of traffic on the A3. Our collaboration with Herrenknecht AG and Katzenberger Fertigteilindustrie GmbH ensures that the production of the segments is carried out efficiently and on time to meet the project schedule.

Scope of delivery 

  • 1x DVL-8.0T-EXT / vacuum lifting device
  • 1x DTT-8.0T-180 / turning table
  • 1x DPR-8.0T / seal press frame
  • 1x DML-8.0T / one-piece tongs with adjustable stop
  • 2x DML-30.0T / multi-pronged pliers with adjustable stop