The project

The further development of the Eppenberg Tunnel is a pioneering measure to eliminate one of the biggest bottlenecks on the Central Plateau. As part of the Olten-Aarau four-lane expansion, the federal government and SBB are investing in the new Eppenberg Tunnel, which is over three kilometers long, as well as extensive measures for the connection between Olten and Aarau. The tunnel was excavated using a Herrenknecht multi-mode TBM weighing 2,400 tons and around 115 m long with segmental lining.

The segment factory

In the segment factory of Marti AG - incidentally the only segment factory in Switzerland - the 11-ton segments for the extension of the Eppenberg tunnel were produced. Marti AG has set up a modern factory here with a carousel system that guarantees segment production of the highest quality. After filling the formwork with concrete, the segments harden in the heating channel at 40 to 45 degrees for 6 hours. They are then placed in outdoor storage for 28 days before the segments can be installed in the tunnel. Absolutely precise and reliable handling equipment is required for stripping, turning, transporting and stacking the segments in order to ensure the safety of the personnel and the quality of the segments. Our handling equipment from DEVO-Tech does an excellent job here.

Our services

For the first time, the statics of a vacuum lifter were designed for an impressive payload of 28,000 kg. Although the Eppenberg segments themselves weigh considerably less, Marti Tunnelbau AG has opted for a future-proof and expandable system that is also optimally equipped for future projects.

Our DVL-90 vacuum lifting device, as an extension of the proven DVL series, is equipped with an additional swivel function. It not only enables translational linear movements in horizontal and vertical directions, but also swiveling around the segment longitudinal axis by up to 90°. This vacuum lifting device is primarily used in areas where partial turning or erection of the segments is required. The stripping and partial turning of the segments is combined in a single step to ensure the smoothest and most efficient workflow possible.

Our handling devices are available in external suction (extrados) or internal suction (intrados) versions. We adapt the suction plate design to the recesses of your concrete segments to eliminate any vacuum loss. For an efficient vertical suction process, the DVL-90 is equipped with an additional vacuum reserve tank, which enables short cycle times.

Scope of delivery

  • Vacuum lifting device with 90° swivel function for stripping, type DVL-28.0-EXT
  • Vacuum lifting device with 90° swivel function for storage management, type DVL-INT

Source: SBB, herrenknecht.com, tagblatt.ch