Brenner Base Tunnel LOS H53 Pfons-Brenner

The project

On April 4, 2023, BBT SE awarded the contract to the consortium consisting of Porr Bau GmbH, Marti GmbH Austria and Marti Tunnel AG Switzerland for the tunnel work for the last and largest construction lot on Austrian project territory. According to the client, the sub-project, which is scheduled to take 70.5 months to build, comprises 25.2 km of main tunnel running between the municipality of Pfons and the national border at Brenner.

Two Herrenknecht TBMs will be used for approx. 15.2 km of the main northbound tunnel: one in the west tunnel and the other in the east tunnel of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

Segment production

The Max Bögl Group from Sengenthal in Bavaria is producing over 45,000 segments for the inner lining of the two main tunnels of the H53 construction lot. For years, the group has been producing high-quality segments for tunnel construction in its precast division - in this case stationary in the segment plant in Sengenthal with equipment from Herrenknecht. From August 2024, a total of 530,000 tons of prefabricated standard and invert segments will travel approx. 300 km south on Rail Cargo Austria trains. Specially constructed ad-hoc tracks to the construction site ensure that the concrete segments weighing several tons do not have to be reloaded, but reach their destination directly by rail.

Our services

As a partner of Herrenknecht, we support the Max Bögl Group team in the reliable production of over 45,000 concrete segments and over 7,000 precast invert segments for the H53 construction lot with our handling equipment, which is precisely adapted to the project requirements.  

In addition to the specifications of the segments themselves (weight, geometry, seal, etc.), we have also specially adapted our equipment to the production process at the plant in Sengenthal. Our equipment helps to make the segment logistics between stripping and loading for transportation as efficient as possible.

We are particularly proud that almost half of the 12 machines supplied to Herrenknecht AG are reworked or converted machines. This positive trend confirms the reliability and quality of our systems. At the same time, it can be seen that the issue of sustainability has also reached the tunnel construction industry. A very important development that we are happy to build on.

Scope of delivery

  • 5x Vacuum lifting device DVL-MS (MS= vacuum devices with mechanical protection)

1x Re-Engineering DVL-16.5T-EXT-MS
1x Re-Engineering DVL-16.5T-EXT-MS-R
2x DVL-10.0T-INT-MS
1x DVL-11.0T-EXT-MS

  • 3x Turning table DTT

    1x Re-Engineering DTT-17.0T-180
    1x DTT-10.0T-180
    1x DTT-11.0T-180 (invert segment)

  • 4x Mechanical clamp DML

    2x Re-Engineering DML-33.0T
    1x DML-11.0T
    1x DML-22.0T


Sources: BBT SE, Herrenknecht AG, Max Bögl

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