Brenner Base Tunnel LOS H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons

The project

The project area is one of the largest construction sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel. The area extends from the Innsbruck Sillschlucht gorge via the Ahrental valley to Navis.
Around 22.5 km of main tunnel tubes and 38 cross-passages with a total length of around 2.3 km are excavated as part of this construction lot.
Construction lot H41 is mainly opened up from the existing Ahrental access tunnel.

The segment factory

We are delighted to contribute to the success of this major project by supplying a total of nine machines to Herrenknecht AG. Since the commissioning of the segment factory in May 2023, the segment handling machines from DEVO-Tech have made an important contribution to the continuous tunnel drive.

Our services

The segment factory is specially designed to supply two tunnel boring machines with high-quality segments. To accomplish this demanding task, we rely on innovative technologies and equipment. Our powerful vacuum lifting devices enable the segments to be stripped efficiently, while the two automated turning tables ensure smooth and precise turning of the segments. Two separate turning tables are used, one for the ring elements and one specifically for base segments.

Another crucial step in segment production is the stacking of the segments. This is where our innovative single-stone tongs are used to stack the segments with ease. In addition, three of our multi-stone tongs play a decisive role in supplying the outer warehouse with segments. The stops are adjustable so that up to five different stacking variations can be handled flexibly.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x DVL-10.0T-EXT
  • 1x DTT-10.0T-180 (automatic)
  • 1x DTT-10.0T-180 (automatic / ground segment)
  • 1x DML-13.0T
  • 5x DML-30.0T (adjustable)
Brenner Basistunnel

"Overall, I am very satisfied with the handling equipment for the tunnel segments supplied by DEVO-Tech AG for the Brenner Base Tunnel LOS H41 project. DEVO-Tech has assembled and designed the equipment in such a way that the segment factory can consistently supply two tunnel drilling machines with high-quality segments and base segments. The handling equipment meets the high requirements of segment production and is carefully tailored to the needs of the Brenner Base Tunnel project."

Sebastian Bold, Project Manager Herrenknecht AG

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