Innovative platform for safe loading and unloading of tanker trucks

The project

The main aim of the project was to create a safe workplace that significantly minimizes the risk of falling when loading and unloading tankers. Work should be noticeably easier for employees and safety standards significantly improved. 
Overall, our loading platform offers an efficient, safe and user-friendly solution for loading and unloading trucks at our customer's premises.

Safety and security

The height-adjustable loading platform with railings protects employees from falling. Another advantage is the accessibility of the loading stations. Stairs or a catwalk are installed at both stations to allow employees safe access to the platform. The dangerous climbing of the tanker truck via its ladder in a full protective suit is therefore a thing of the past. 



The loading platform is equipped with an innovative loading flange for the tanker truck, which is attached to a crane arm on the platform. This flange can be easily mounted on the loading flange of the tanker truck using a spring balancer. Thanks to this simple and effective method, it is no longer necessary to lift the heavy loading flange manually, which significantly reduces the physical strain on employees.


All the necessary tools and equipment are already available on the platform in a box, eliminating the need for laborious transportation by forklift truck. In addition, it is no longer necessary for the employee to wear a separate fall protection device. This means that a second employee is no longer required to monitor and alert the fire department: a further contribution to efficient working methods.

Scope of delivery

  • Two loading platforms

"In collaboration with the renowned company DEVO-Tech, we have developed a height-adjustable loading platform with integrated railings, which not only ensures the safety of employees, but also considerably simplifies work processes."

Jörg Eschbach, Project Engineer