Revolution in timber construction: Innovative solution for the safe lifting of wooden beams


Holz-Abbund AG (formerly Flück Holzbau AG) wanted to develop a cost-effective and efficient solution to enable the lifting of wooden beams up to 13 meters long and weighing 500 kg.

The solution

We developed the D-SA-500.02 destacking system based on our experience and taking the customer's specifications precisely into account.

With the D-SA-500.02 stacking system, we are setting new standards in timber construction and supporting Holzabbund AG in its demanding projects. Our solution enables timber beams to be lifted safely and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings. We are proud to make a contribution to the further development of timber construction and to demonstrate our innovative strength in this area.


  • Versatility: The wooden beams can be rotated 360 degrees thanks to this system, which enables flexible and safe handling.
  • Easy scalability to higher payloads
  • Adaptation to different project requirements
  • Simple and convenient operation via radio control, which gives the operator full control over the lifting and turning of the beams.
  • Depending on requirements, the system can be operated as a semi-automated or fully automated version to meet individual requirements.

Scope of delivery

  • D-SA-500.02 stacking system
  • Crane girder system
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