D-T90 | Vacuum lifting devices

The D-T90 vacuum lifting device is specifically designed for the demanding handling of heavy and bulky workpieces in industrial settings. It enables easy and safe lifting and swiveling of loads while ensuring secure handling of airtight materials.

D-T90 | D-TR90 | D-Tk90 | D-T90 2x90°

The base model D-T90 can handle workpieces weighing up to 500 kg without difficulty. The slim and compact design of the D-T90 makes it particularly suitable for use in tight spaces without compromising on performance.

Optionally, the basic model of the D-T90 can be expanded with a rotation unit. This allows the workpieces to be additionally rotated by 180°.

The D-Tk90 is the most compact device in the D-T series. With its extremely space-saving design, it is perfect for use in narrow work areas and can still handle loads of up to 250 kg. This device is particularly efficient in handling glass.

D-T90 2x90°:
The expansion of our standard D-T90 2x90° features a more robust swivel unit and enables the handling of large and overlong workpieces weighing up to 3000 kg. This version offers a double swivel function, allowing loads to swivel at +90° and -90° from the horizontal. This additional function significantly expands the machine's range of applications.

We provide specific advice for your application and have the capability to configure the device precisely to your requirements. With our extensive product portfolio of attachments such as suction plates, vacuum pumps, and valves, we ensure high modularity. Additionally, the device's control technology can be adjusted according to requirements to handle even more complex tasks.



Grip horizontally
Grip vertically
swivel 90°



Sheet metal