D-T180 | Vacuum lifting device

The D-T180 vacuum lifting device is the ideal partner for handling heavy and bulky loads. This robust device allows for safe vertical or horizontal lifting of loads for transport and additionally provides a unique 180° turning function. Thanks to this feature, you can effortlessly position your material as desired.


Turning function:
Thanks to its robust turning unit, the D-T180 effortlessly rotates heavy loads by 180°. This allows for space-saving operations, especially in unit construction. The device is individually tailored to the customer-specific load case to provide the optimal solution.

A solution for every material:
Whether wood, metal, concrete, or natural stones – thanks to our experience and individual solutions, we can lift and process any material.

We offer specific advice for your application and have the capability to configure the device precisely to your requirements. With our extensive product portfolio for attachments such as suction plates, vacuum pumps, and valves, we ensure high modularity. Additionally, the device's control technology can be adjusted according to requirements, enabling it to handle even more complex tasks.



Grip horizontally
Grip vertically
swivel 90°
turn 180



Sheet metal