D-T | Vacuum lifting device

Our innovative D-T vacuum lifter offers you the perfect solution for loading processing machines in the metal and sheet metal industries. It stands out for its high efficiency, enabling easy and swift movement of workpieces with varying dimensions and thicknesses. Especially for sheet metal products with low inherent stability, it significantly enhances process reliability. To ensure the secure transportation of large spans of up to 6 meters and heavy loads of up to 2500kg, we provide various carrier combinations. These ensure greater flexibility and safety in handling sheet metal products.


Suction Plates:
The suction plates represent one of the most critical components and serve to connect the device with the workpiece. They are adjustable in both the X and Y axes, ensuring optimal grip and high flexibility. Upon request, they can be individually deactivated. Thanks to the spring suspension of the suction plates, they adapt to the workpiece, significantly reducing the need for readjustments.

The operation is simple and enables safe and straightforward handling of heavy loads. An extendable control handle enhances safety, especially with larger workpieces.



Grip horizontally



Sheet metal