D-T-5000-HD | Vacuum lifting devices

Our D-T-5000-HD is suitable for demanding on-site construction use and features a dual-circuit system, allowing it to be used on construction sites without additional safety measures. Thanks to its powerful interchangeable batteries, the device can operate independently of a power source. The base unit is highly versatile and can be adapted to handle any material. Whether in logistics, manufacturing, assembly, or other industrial sectors, the D-T-5000-HD is the ideal solution for your material handling needs.


Power Supply:
The battery supply of the D-T-5000-HD enables independent use of the device without relying on the power grid. Thanks to intelligent control, energy consumption is minimized, enhancing both efficiency and battery life. Additionally, the D-T-5000-HD is equipped with a swappable battery pack, ensuring maximum availability.

The device can optionally be equipped with a dual-circuit system to meet the requirements for on-site construction use.

The D-T-5000-HD is highly versatile and can be configured for various applications using different components, including concrete segments, wood, stone, and more. Therefore, the device can be modified for multiple application needs, even by the user.

The device can be used both on a crane and on a forklift. An innovative attachment kit for forklifts enables quick and precise handling of loads near the ground, as all functions can be operated with a remote control (optional).



Grip horizontally



Sheet metal



Reference Project

Rail construction on the line between Pfäffikon and Arth-Goldau

Sersa Group AG needed a reliable and efficient machine for night-time rail construction on the line between Pfäffikon and Arth-Goldau, which was to be used primarily for laying concrete cable ducts. This involved work that had previously been carried out manually. Efficiency and safety were at the top of the list of requirements.

Scope of delivery

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