D-SA | Destacking system

The D-SA destacking system is an extremely useful addition to your manufacturing processes, especially suitable for handling long, narrow workpieces such as wooden planks. With its seamless integration into existing crane track infrastructures, it distinguishes itself by outstanding maneuverability on all axes, enabling the effortless and efficient transportation of workpieces. This system takes on all logistical tasks in your production, whether it's the feeding and discharge of workpieces or their further transportation, such as loading and unloading of a timber framing system. The D-SA is highly versatile. It is designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.


Pantograph System:
Our destacking system employs a pantograph system for the lifting process, offering numerous advantages. This setup allows for minimal construction height and is characterized by an impressive lifting speed. Compared to traditional cable hoist cranes, the pantograph system operates at nearly twice the speed. Additionally, the pantograph prevents load swaying and stabilizes it throughout the entire movement process of the system. The lightweight construction contributes to energy savings and enhances the system's travelling speed.

The control of the destacking system is tailored individually to the customer's needs and is operated via a remote control system. Optionally, the system can be semi-automated, for instance, to automatically reach parking positions or operate fully automatically within a restricted area. The scalable control system thus leaves no requirements unmet.

The destacking system can be equipped with various options, such as a rotating unit to rotate wooden planks by 180 degrees. Additionally, interchangeable suction plates and other attachments are possible. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and find the appropriate solution.



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