D-GT | Vacuum lifting device

When conveying air-permeable materials requiring a high volume of air, our D-GT series comes into play. Featuring a powerful suction blower, it can safely lift and transport any air-permeable material. Thanks to its modular design, the D-GT series is highly versatile. Our intelligent vacuum monitoring meets all safety requirements without compromising usability. Lifting heavy wooden panels becomes as easy as a child's play!

D-GT | D-GT compact | D-GTB

The basic version of our D-GT series can carry wooden panels weighing up to 500kg, effortlessly maneuvering them, thereby optimizing your workflow in element manufacturing or CNC loading processes.

When wooden panels need to be positioned, for instance, to be transported to a vertical panel saw, the D-GT90 series can be equipped with one or two swivel drives to position loads of up to 500kg.

D-GT | D-GT90 Compact:
In situations where space is limited, our compact version comes into play. This minimizes the construction height, providing a solution even in rooms with low ceilings without compromising on lifting capacity. In this configuration, loads of up to 500kg in a horizontal position and 250kg in a vertical position (when positioning the panels) are possible.

D-GTB | D-GTB-90:
Our series also offers a solution for boards or timber beams. With suction plates aligned in a row, long boards can be easily transported. These devices are often used in sawmills, for example, for picking tasks.

Our devices are highly versatile and can be customized to meet specific customer needs. This includes suction plate size, number of suction plates, rotatable suction plate holders, and much more. We are happy to advise you on your project and meet all requirements according to your preferences. Feel free to contact us without hesitation.



Grip horizontally
Grip vertically
swivel 90°