DVL Vacuum lifting device | Tunnel construction

The DVL vacuum lifting device is the proven solution for stripping, transporting and stacking segments. With variable configurations and intelligent vacuum monitoring, the DVL series offers maximum flexibility and quality in the gentle handling of segments. The DVL series is used for simple transportation requirements in segment production and general segment handling. The machine is available in both an external suction (extrados) and an internal suction (intrados) version. The DVL series is available in different versions.

DVL | DVL-MS | DVL-90 | DVL-180

DVL Vacuum lifting device:
The standard version for stripping and transporting segments can be ordered in the Intrados or Extrados version. A rotating unit can be installed on request.

DVL-MS Vacuum lifting device:
With the additional designation "MS", the segment is additionally secured by a mechanical safety device. This engages under the segment.

DVL-90 Vacuum lifting device:
The DVL-90 vacuum lifting device can strip the segment and place it sideways at the same time. A DVL-90 extrados and a DVL-90 intrados are required to perform a complete 180° turn.

DVL-180 Vacuum lifting device:
With the 180° variant, segments can be stripped and then turned. Please note, however, that the payload is limited with this variant.




Grip horizontally
Grip vertically
swivel 90°
turn 180






Reference project

Koralm Tunnel KAT3

With the construction of the Koralm Railway in Austria, the journey time from Klagenfurt to Graz has been reduced by two thirds, from three hours to just one hour. With a total length of 130 kilometers, the Koralm Railway is a key section of the trans-European rail link (Baltic-Adriatic axis) from Gdansk in Poland to Venice on the Mediterranean. The heart of this railroad line is the 32.9-kilometre-long Koralm Tunnel, which was built in the three lots KAT1, KAT2 and KAT3. Lot KAT3 of the 32 km long railroad tunnel between Graz and Klagenfurt includes a 10,474 m long section,  which has been excavated mechanically and lined with concrete segments.

Scope of delivery

  • Vacuum lifting device DVL-14.0T-EXT-90
  • Vacuum lifting device DVL-8.0T-EXT
  • Mobile turning table DTT-14.0T-90-M
  • Press frame DPR-8.0T