TBM Attachments | Tunnel construction

As an extension to our product portfolio, we also offer TBM attachments that are integrated directly into the tunnel drilling machine and used during tunnelling. We offer you the erector vacuum plate as well as the segment lifting unit, which is located directly after the erector on the gantry. Our expertise in segment handling plays a major role here. We are your specialists when it comes to transporting segments gently and precisely from A to B. We can look back on various successful references and contribute to the success of the project with our many years of experience.

TBM Attachments

Segment lifting unit on the gantry:
To ensure the supply of segments to the erector, our segment lifting unit is used to optimize the logisitic processes to feed the erector. With a robust design and high-quality components, our segment lifting unit can easily withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, dust and moisture. Regardless of the conditions, it delivers long-term, reliable performance. Our dedication to safety is reflected in a customized safety concept that is precisely tailored to your requirements. In addition to first-class performance, the segment lifting unit meets the highest safety standards. Time is invaluable - that is why the segment lifting unit guarantees short cycle times. Thanks to our efficient technology, positioning is fast and precise to ensure smooth production processes.

The erector places the segments directly after the cutter head and the shield and assembles them to form the lining rings. Our robust design of the vacuum plate unit guarantees durability and stability, even under the most demanding conditions in continuous operation. To ensure a successful project, we work hand in hand with the TBM manufacturer to ensure that our vacuum suction plate perfectly fits with the erector and meets all requirements. We focus on easy maintenance for a smooth operation. Our products have been developed with this in mind. With a well thought-out maintenance concept, we minimize downtimes and at the same time facilitate maintenance.



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Reference project

Thames Tideway Tunnel London

London's sewers are reaching the limits of their capacity. Originally designed for two million people, over eight million people now live in the city. In order to modernize the outdated sewage system from Victorian times, the company NFM Technologies Lyon has launched the "Thames Tideway Tunnel" project. With a total length of 25 kilometers, it is one of the largest tunnel projects in the British water industry. A fascinating project that is helping to take London's sewage system into the future.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x erector
  • 1x segment crane system

Image source: Herrenknecht AG