DVT Vacuum turning table | Tunnel construction

The DVT vacuum turning table is available in two different versions, which differ in the application of the loads to be turned. In one version, the vacuum turning table is used in segment production to turn segments through 180°. In the second area of application, it is used in the production of concrete angle elements to turn them through 180°. Of course, there are other conceivable applications for handling concrete elements. Our vacuum turning tables are designed specifically for each project and meet all safety and customer requirements.

DVT Vacuum turning table

Application with tunnel lining segments:
In segment production, the vacuum turning table is usually used for automated or partially automated tasks. Here, it can take over the lifting of a freshly removed segment from a transport carriage and start the turning process. The vacuum turning table can also be equipped with a travel drive to move it in one axis and perform other tasks. Depending on the application, the vacuum turning table is designed to customer specifications.
Application with angled elements:
In the production of angled concrete elements, all elements are manufactured upside down, which in turn means that they have to be turned through 180° after stripping. This is where our turning device comes into play. It is mounted stationary on the hall floor and is loaded with elements by the hall crane. The element is effortlessly aspired and turned. With the integrated lifting unit, the element can then be deposited and transported onwards for storage.



Grip horizontally
Grip vertically
swivel 90°
turn 180