DVSL Attachment | Tunnel construction

Our DVSL attachment is a vacuum lifting device that can be attached to a forklift truck or other suitable vehicles. The vacuum lifting device can be used either with the forks or by attaching it directly to the lifting masts. This enables smooth and safe transportation of segments using industrial trucks. An excellent unit is created between the lifting device and the vehicle, which ensures precise and gentle handling of the segments. Your logistics processes are thus efficiently optimized and a smooth transition from production to segment logistics is created.

DVSL Attachment

DVSL Attachment:
The DVSL vacuum lifting devices are powered by their own power sources. Two options are available: the integration of a diesel generator set or the use of a modern battery supply system with exchangeable battery to eliminate charging times. The attachments can be ordered in the Intrados or Extrados version.
DVSL-90 Attachment:
With the DVSL-90 version, the innovation goes even further. The integration of a swivel function makes the handling of segments even easier and more effective.
Our DVSL attachments meet all safety requirements and can be equipped with a load monitoring system to monitor the safe depositing of the segment. The operator in the driver's cab can see the status of the attachment at all times and can control it conveniently from the driver's cab.



Grip horizontally
swivel 90°