DTT turning table | tunnel construction

The DTT turning table series is used as soon as the segment has been stripped and needs to be turned by 180° or rotated by 90°. Thanks to their flexible design, the DTT turning tables are easily scalable and adaptable. Precise adaptation to the individual ring design during planning ensures that the segment can be turned without damaging the concrete or the seal. The series is characterized by many additional features, such as the option of mounting the turning table on rails to move it within the production hall. All turning tables are either bolted to the floor or have an optional travel drive.

DTT Turning table

DTT-90 turning table:
With the 90° version of the turning table, the segment is set up and can then be sucked up and transported further using a DVL-90 vacuum lifting device, for example.
DTT-180 turning table:
In this variant, the segment is turned completely and can then be further processed with a DVL vacuum lifting device or DML tongs.
DTT-180 with lifting unit:
In order to stack segments after the turning process, the turning table can be equipped with a lifting unit to stack the segments on a DHT carriage.
All turning tables in the series can optionally be operated in automatic mode if the appropriate fencing is available. The installation of a travel drive makes it possible to move the DTT along one axis in the production hall. All other conceivable automation options are open and can be adapted on a project-specific basis.



swivel 90°
turn 180






Reference project

Brenner Base Tunnel LOS H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons

The project area is one of the largest construction sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel. The area extends from the Innsbruck Sillschlucht gorge via the Ahrental valley to Navis.
Around 22.5 km of main tunnel tubes and 38 cross-passages with a total length of around 2.3 km will be excavated as part of this construction lot.
Construction lot H41 will mainly be accessed from the existing Ahrental access tunnel.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x DVL-10.0T-EXT
  • 1x DTT-10.0T-180 (automatic
  • 1x DTT-10.0T-180 (Automatic / invert segment)
  • 1x DML-13.0T
  • 5x DML-30.0T (adjustable)
Brenner Basistunnel