DPR Press frame | Tunnel construction

The use of EPDM sealing frames has proven itself in single-shell tunnel lining with segments. In addition to proper preparation of the groove profile, application of the adhesive and adherence to the flash-off time, a controlled pressing of the sealing frames over a defined period of time is necessary. Our DPR press frame is designed according to the segment shape and reliably ensures the required pressure to be applied to the profile at the correct points around the segment.

DPR Press frame

Our DPR press frame has been optimized to make positioning as easy as possible with the help of positioning aids on the segment, while at the same time remaining clear in order to keep the entire process in view. The pressing sides can be controlled individually using different valves. Each press frame is carefully balanced so that it hangs horizontally on the crane hook. Gentle pressing jaws are also used to prevent damage to the segments and the EPDM profile. Only a compressed air connection is required to operate the DPR.
The DPR pressing frames can also be equipped with an additional pressing unit to process a keystone. Other conceivable options are possible and available on request.