DHT Transport wagon | Tunnel construction

Intelligent transport concepts are required to efficiently adjust capacities and optimize transport logistics in the hall. The DHL transport trolleys are capable of effortlessly transporting heavy loads and, if necessary, moving them over long distances inside or outside the hall. This helps to minimize the crane load and create buffer areas for the respective transfer areas (stripping, maturing storage, removal).

DHT Transport wagon

DHT Standard:
In the standard version, the DHT is used for simple transportation tasks inside and outside a segment production hall. Both individual segments and entire stacks can be transported out of the production hall. Any automation options can be implemented.
DHT with lifting unit:
The transport trolley can also be equipped with a lifting unit. This allows it to be used as an intermediate buffer for intelligent warehouse management and to place the segments on storage racks.
The DHT transport wagons are excellent for combining them with other machines from our product portfolio. This enables the automation of work processes, such as the stacking of segments.



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