DAW 3in1 stripping unit | Tunnel construction

Our DAW is a revolutionary machine that combines three essential functions in one device, thereby extremely optimizing the  process of segment production. This state-of-the-art machine combines a vacuum lifting device, a turning clamp and a segment transport clamp to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility. Overall, the DAW unit offers a sophisticated, versatile and efficient solution for segment production. With the DAW stripping unit, you can efficiently optimize the throughput time from stripping to stacking the segments as well as stock management.

Zugangstollen Gotthard Strassentunnel
DAW 3in1 stripping unit

Stripping segments:
With the height-adjustable vacuum unit, the segment is sucked in and stripped, then conveyed to the turning unit.
Turning segments:
After the segment has been brought into position by the vacuum unit, it is clamped with the pressing unit and the vacuum plate can be released. As soon as the vacuum plate is fully retracted, the segment can be turned through 180° and deposited.
Stacking segments:
Individual or multiple segments can be lifted and stacked using the gripping unit. It can also be used to load complete stacks and for warehouse management.



Grip horizontally
turn 180






Reference project

Gotthard road tunnel access tunnel

During the planned renovation work on the 16.9-kilometre Gotthard road tunnel, which is necessary due to age-related requirements, the tunnel will be temporarily closed to traffic. In order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the important north-south link, the Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO is planning to build an additional, parallel tube, followed by the renovation of the existing tunnel.
As part of the preparations for the construction of the second tube, two access tunnels will also be built. The southern tunnel is excavated using a Herrenknecht single-shield TBM and lined with segments.

Scope of delivery

  • DAW-4.3T-180-13.0T (new development)
  • DML-13.0T (external storage management)