Web relaunch 2023: How DEVO-Tech communicates today

Welcome to our new website! A few months of hard work lie behind us. We are very pleased and a little proud to present the result today. What can you expect from now on at devo-tech.ch? Let us put it this way: We will reproduce your visit to our company online as faithfully as possible. Get an overview of our machinery. Get to know our team and our services. Immerse yourself in the world of our tunnel projects. All that's missing is a cup of coffee or Ovaltine.

DEVO-Techs new way of communication

What is the aim of our new website?

Of course, we at DEVO-Tech also pursue the currently relevant goals such as a responsive design and maximum SEO optimization so that the right people and companies can find us online. We attach great importance to topicality and maintenance, excellent performance, simple contact options and intuitive navigation.

In terms of content, we are primarily concerned with presenting our products and services in an authentic way. In addition to the personal presentation of our company, we still consider a well-structured product catalog to be very important. Anyone who already knows our company can easily find new products. Interested parties quickly gain an overview of our portfolio.

However, a product is only really good if it has proven itself in use. That is why we present our reference projects in detail with background information, requirements and solutions.


Communication the DEVO way

For us, communication means, above all, exchange. Whether among our employees or with our customers - we keep each other up to date, give constructive feedback and express praise and gratitude. Here, too, we try to transfer the culture of openness and cordiality practised in Ziefen to digital communication as far as possible. The following aspects are at the forefront of this: 

  • Offer added value:
    We present our products and services in such a way that you can get a realistic picture of working with DEVO-Tech. This is the only way to create long-term and successful partnerships. We think outside the box and incorporate our international project experience.


  • Taking feedback into account:
    The opinions and feedback of our customers are invaluable to us. Only with their support we can continuously improve our products and services.


  • Consistency: 
    Today like this, tomorrow the same. Perhaps not quite as synchronized as Swiss clockwork, but we communicate with our customers and interested parties at all times. We let you know when we develop something new, expand our team or have a reason to celebrate, for example.


  • Relevance: 
    Many of the current issues that concern us also concern our customers. That is why it is important for us to comment on trends and developments in our industry. Sharing experiences, offering suggestions and benefiting from each other's content - that is our goal.


We speak your language

Especially in the globalized, networked and digital world, it is important for us to reach each and every one of our customers personally. Language plays an essential role in this. We therefore attach great importance to the multilingualism of our communication. Respect and appreciation for cultural differences are firmly anchored in our corporate values.