Typically DEVO-Tech: Proven strategies for optimized procurement

Global crises and disrupted supply chains pose new challenges for mechanical engineers in procurement. Unexpected shortages of key components or geopolitical uncertainties are shaking up the procurement landscape. These are very challenging times for purchasing departments in our material-intensive industry. Fortunately, we at DEVO-Tech have tried and tested strategies that continue to ensure maximum quality and delivery reliability. In this blog post, we explain the factors involved.

Optimized procurement

Partnership-based and unbureaucratic

Short decision-making processes
A phone call, a quick chat at the coffee machine, a change to an order at just the right moment: Our unbureaucratic organizational structure enables us to react to changes in requirements at short notice in an unusual way. Whether it is a subsequent customer request, a material that is not available or a change to the delivery date - thanks to short decision-making processes, we are as flexible as possible.

Even shorter response times
We pass on 100% of our uncomplicated teamwork to the outside world. This also includes our mentality of solving problems immediately and directly. DEVO-Tech employees have sufficient scope for responsibility and action to make quick decisions - for the benefit of our customers and projects all over the world. 
Have you noticed that we don't mention customer service separately on our website? That's because it's a matter of course for us.

Long-term partnerships
Fortunately, long-term partnerships still count in the B2B sector instead of bargain hunting and comparison portals. We rely on innovative, experienced global players such as Busch and SEW, especially for technically demanding purchased parts such as vacuum pumps or drives. We are convinced that continuity and stability in supplier relationships have a 1:1 effect on the quality of the products.

High vertical range of manufacture
"From the raw sheet to the finished machine" - although this does not quite correspond to the idea of division of labor, it has proven itself in our industry and with our market requirements: Our high level of vertical integration, i.e. in our case the vertical integration of upstream work steps, gives us security in the supply chain. In addition to the control over product quality that is so important to us, this strategic orientation also gives us the opportunity to react flexibly to customer requirements.  

Alternatives based on experience
Our experience in design plays a decisive role in identifying alternatives for unavailable material. It enables creative solutions to be found and proven design skills to be applied to overcome bottlenecks. In such situations, DEVO-Tech's experience becomes a valuable resource.

Large warehouse
Even though large inventories are often associated with high costs, capital commitment and a large administrative burden, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in our industry - one in particular: supply chain security and fast deliveries to our customers. We also benefit from volume discounts and can cushion price fluctuations on the market. Last but not least, this strategy has also got us through the coronavirus crisis well.

In summary, our unbureaucratic corporate culture and our customer-oriented approach have also enabled us to find the right strategies for us in the area of procurement. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with our long-standing partners and are striving for a climate-friendly circular economy overall, which is also reflected in the increasing proportion of used equipment and components we use.