Insight into practice: DAW - The Swiss army knife of segment production

We are particularly proud of the ground-breaking development of a completely new machine for the Gotthard road tunnel access tunnel project. The DAW is used for stripping the segments and combines the functions of three machines - the Swiss army knife of segment production, so to speak. 

Zugangstollen Gotthard Strassentunnel

From stripping to stack transport: everything with one device

  • In a first step, the segment is stripped using the DAW stripping unit with a vacuum suction plate.
  • After stripping, the power pack transfers the segment to the press turning unit and rotates it by 180 degrees.
  • As soon as the turned segment has been deposited, a stack can be formed with the same machine.
  • Finally, the DAW lifts a stack of three segments and prepares it for transportation to the external storage facility.

With this innovation, we are making an important contribution to increasing efficiency in segment production. 
What other opportunities are there in terms of automation, digitalization and sustainability?

Quo vadis, segment handling? A look into the future

Anyone who thinks that segment production is not developing as rapidly as other technology sectors is wrong. Digital production and logistics management systems have long been supporting segment manufacturers in terms of monitoring, documentation and production control. Robots take over routine tasks during concreting, such as smoothing the concrete surface or cleaning the formwork.

In the case of handling equipment, remote maintenance is already a must for more complex machines and systems. VR applications and web-based spare parts stores will make working with the equipment even easier in global use.

What is particularly important to us at DEVO-Tech is sustainable production. That's why we already manufacture our machines using up to 50% solar power. In addition, we design our machines for a long service life and repeated use. Overhauling used systems for reuse has accounted for a growing proportion of our turnover for years.

We look forward to many innovations with our customers - in Switzerland and around the world.