Our team

Our employees are the key to success

Our interdisciplinary team of around 30 people always works to fulfill the tasks and wishes of our customers and partners with the utmost precision. With a passion for technology and enjoyment of their work, the focus is on measurable customer benefits and outstanding teamwork.

Paul Vögtli I Team

Paul Vögtli

Owner / CEO
Dipl. Technician Mechanical Engineering (HF)

Ruth Vögtli I Team

Ruth Vögtli

Business owner / CFO
Head of Administration

Joel Vögtli I Team

Joel Vögtli

Head of Automation
Member of the Executive Board
Qualified electrical engineering technician (HF)

Ascanio Luongo I Team

Ascanio Luongo

Head of Apparatus Engineering
Member of the Executive Board
Welding specialist (IWS)

Nathanael Wyss I Team

Nathanael Wyss

Head of Construction
Member of the Executive Board
Graduate mechanical engineer (FH)

Theo Schmidlin

Head of Sheet Metal Processing / Assembly
Workshop and assembly manager (EFA)

Daniel Ballmer

Dipl. Technician Mechanical Engineering (HF)

Jousch Aerni I Team

Jousch Aerni

Design Engineer (EFZ)

Tanja Klaiber I Team

Tanja Klaiber

Administration clerk

Janistan Rasanayagam I Team

Janistan Rasanayagam

AVOR Apparatus engineering

Hugo Lopes I Team

Hugo Lopes

Team leader INOX department

Daniel Hofer I Team

Daniel Hofer

Team leader welding shop
Apprentice trainer
Welding specialist (IWS)

Hüseyin Önen I Team

Hüseyin Önen

Small parts production and assembly

Rafael Schmidlin I Team

Rafael Schmidli

Assembly and service

Ian Peter I Team

Ian Peter

Sheet metal fabrication, assembly and service