Machinery of DEVO-Tech AG

In order to realise our innovative ideas professionally and offer our customers economical solutions of the highest quality, our team needs the right infrastructure. To this end, we have set up an extensive and high-quality machine park that leaves nothing to be desired.

Welcome to an exclusive tour of our state-of-the-art machinery! Our focus is on high in-house production and we are proud to be able to show you our versatile machines for parts production.

As we attach great importance to transparency, we will show you our machines in detail with the most important facts and figures. Browse through our high-tech gallery and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Bystronic – ByCut Star 4020 12kW

Machine typeFibre laser cutting machine
Travelling distances:4000 x 2000 mm
Material thickness:30 mm steel / 30 mm chrome steel / 30 mm aluminium / 10 mm brass
Year of construction:2022
Control:ByVision Cutting
Special feature:Mix-Gas technology to improve the cutting edge and surface hardening

Bystronic – ByJet 4022

Machine typeWater jet cutting machine
Travelling distances:4000x2200 mm
Material thickness:150 mm
Year of construction:2007
Control:ByVision Cutting
Special feature:Two cutting heads

Bystronic – Xpert 80

Machine typePress brake
pressing force:80 t
Sheet length max:1530 mm
Year of construction:2019
Control:ByVision Bending
Special feature:5-axis back gauge

Bystronic – Xpert 320

Machine typePress brake
pressing force:320 t
Sheet length max:4100 mm
Year of construction:2015
Control:ByVision Bending
Special feature:5-axis back gauge
Abkantpresse 320

Haas – VF-4

Machine type3-axis CNC milling machine
Workpiece size max:1000 x 500 mm
Spindle speed max:8100 1/min
Tool changer:20 places
Year of construction:2014
Special feature:Rotary axis can also be connected
3-Achsen CNC Fräsmaschine

Lissmac – SBM-L 1500 G1S2

Machine typeGrinding and deburring machine
Workpiece width max:1500mm
Workpiece thickness max:50mm
Year of construction:2012
Special feature:Switchable extraction for aluminium or steel
Schleif- und Entgratmaschine

Kuhlmeyer DBS

Machine typeDouble belt sander
Table size:3000 x 1000 mm
Workpiece weight max.:100 kg
Horizontal table movement manual:1500 mm
Vertical stroke:600 mm (motorized)
Adjustable grinding belt speed:4 - 25 m/s
Year of construction:2024
Double belt sander DBS

Imex – TS 4100 x 12

Machine typeSwing cut shear
Workpiece width max:4100mm
Workpiece thickness max:Steel up to 12 mm / chrome steel up to 8 mm
Year of construction:2011
Special feature:Integrated holding / discharge system
Schwingschnitt -Tafelscherre

Sahinler 4R HS 30-190

Machine typeHydraulic 4-roller platen roller
Usable length:3100mm
Operating speed:1,5 - 6 m/min
Year of construction:2007
Max. power:5500 W
Hydraulische 4-Rollen-Plattenwalze

Smart Welder - Orbital welding power source

Machine typeSmart Welder
Output welding current: 180 A
Quality assurance:Digital welding gas control PERMANENTGAS function
Special features:

Automatic programming via input of pipe diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas

Integrated liquid cooling for constantly low welding head temperatures

Smart Welder

Bystronic / FMG – GBLK 20/40

Machine typeHigh-bay warehouse (sheet metal warehouse)
Storage capacity:258 tonnes (3 tonnes per cassette)
Storage locations:86
Year of construction:2017
Special feature:Automatic warehouse management
Hochregallager (Blechlager)