«I like the diversity of this profession»

Our apprentice Aaron talks about his training

We are incredibly proud of our apprentice Aaron! 

He has had an exhausting but also exciting time. We wanted to know what Aaron himself has to say about it and asked him a few questions.

Insights into training at DEVO-Tech


Aaron, you completed your apprenticeship with flying colors. How did you become a plant and apparatus engineer? 

Aaron: Through relatives. My father knew someone, Martin, who worked here. And my grandfather's brother did exactly the same apprenticeship.

What did you like best about the apprenticeship? 

Aaron: Working with metal. In the beginning it was mainly welding. That's still the case today, of course. But now I like the entire work process - everything right up to assembling the workpieces.

Do you feel that you can apply the theoretical content of the apprenticeship in practice? 

Aaron: There were a few topics at school that I've never been able to use in my day-to-day work. But the things I learned in the practical part of my training, including at DEVO-Tech AG, I could always use.

Your job is very varied. Is there a particular area that you would like to specialize in? 

Aaron: Not necessarily. I like the variety of this job and the fact that I don't always just have to weld or assemble, but that I can do everything.

At DEVO-Tech, we are very international. Commissioning on construction sites all over the world is not uncommon. Would you like to take part in one of the international assemblies? 

Aaron: It would be exciting to be able to take a look. I would have to see what it would be like for me.

What has been your most exciting project or product so far? 

Aaron: That was my final project. I made the large vacuum lifting device for the Gotthard Nord project, which is now in the hall. I was able to do everything on my own from start to finish. I particularly enjoyed working independently.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working in our workshop - in your free time?

Aaron: I like making music. I produce my own tracks and stuff.

You mean mixing music?

Aaron: Yes, that too, I also have a DJ controller, but I also produce the tracks myself, for example with the electric guitar that I play.

Thank you very much! We wish you lots of fun and success in your work and are very happy to have you in the team.